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#fakenature Rune Bosse’s subject matter is “real” deconstructed nature. This first piece „Tempus circularis Fagus sylvatica“, documents the different stages a tree passes through during a year-long cycle. Around every third week from april 2015 to april 2016 the artist cut a branch of a beech tree, planed it until it was 2-3 mm. This, then put it in a press to retain the colour of the branch at the precise time of year. Second work is called Abyss - a collaboration with Anna Bak, 2018, and lastly Levity, 2013. #anthropocene @runebosse
Inger Christensen’s poem from “alphabet” first in English then written in Katie Holten’s tree alphabet - from her inspiring book “About Trees” - an investigation into tree matters. @katieholten #anthropocene #fakenature #fakeplastictrees
#fakenature 3D scanning driftwood #studio #anthropocene #virtualnature
Studio choir workshop with Esmeralda Conde Ruiz, who is a London-based interdisciplinary choral conductor. She is currently working at the Berlin Philharmonic on a 1,000 a cappella voices piece by New York composer David Lang, which premieres tomorrow. She often collaborates with contemporary artists to create site-specific choral sound sculptures and came by the studio to share her strong belief in the worthwhileness of singing together. @berlinphil
When was the last time you had extra-terrestrial contact? #meteorite #touch #cosmic #dialogue
Cosmic dialogue - outer space (meteorite) meets inner earth (lava) in a pair of human hands. #studio
Very much looking forward to these! #studio #research #fakenature #theinventionofnature #anthropocene
#fakenature This monumental sculpture by Andreas Greiner resembles a dinosaur in a natural history museum. Only this animal, a common broiler chicken of the type ROSS 308, is not extinct like its prehistoric ancestor the Archaeopteryx. Today they are bred in staggering numbers with an anatomy manipulated to serve human meat consumption. “Monument for the 308″ acknowledges this animals singular identity. The chicken was x-rayed for a 3D rendering of its skeleton in scale of 20:1 photos by Theo Bitzer. Shown at Berlinische Galerie.
Artist Emeka Ogboh visited the studio recently where he cooked Nigerian dishes with our kitchen team @soe_kitchen See full video on where Emeka talks about migration, food, sound and memory. @14thmay_studio
From last weekend’s “live liminal sound bath”- with Jónsi, Alex Somers, and Paul Corley. This meditative experience took place within Reality projector, for which Olafur had worked with Jónsi on the accompanying sound piece. @marcianoartfoundation @iamjonsi @alexsomersmusic @paulcorleymusic
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - visiting people who use the Little Sun on a daily basis instead of expensive and unhealthy kerosene. Get your own hand held solar power station here: @littlesunenergy #ethiopia #addisababa #solar

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