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$5 Friday! We love our seniors, too! Please donate if you can so we can continue to help cuties like Gizmo, Juicy and Peachie Queen ❤️ PayPal link in bio Venmo @roadogs Small dog fosters needed! Little Chi, Gizmo is still at the vet in Culver City waiting for a home. Who can take him? Even if just for a couple of weeks! Please email if you want to make a difference.
695 | 3 | 5 minutes ago
$5 Friday Thanks to your support, bulldog Bryton, pug Dug and Frenchie Ned arrived from S.Korea. I think they are happy to be in the US! These breeds are so popular here, people find it hard to believe that they wind up in meat farms and facing death in shelters. But they do and that is why we said Yes to helping. Please consider making a donation. PayPal link in bio Venmo @roadogs Huge gratitude to @kellswaim and @californiacricket for doing airport pick ups ❤️❤️ #roadogsandrescue
4808 | 83 | 6 hours ago
$5 Friday Wacku had half his face hacked off with a machete by an asshole drunk. But he survived thanks to the care he received from @pawsphilippines But it’s been 3 years and no-one wants to adopt him. So Road Dogs is working with them to bring Wacku to the US. He deserves an amazing home! If you are interested in adopting this sweet, happy, active boy, please email for an application. PayPal link in bio Venmo @roadogs #roadogsandrescue
6845 | 504 | 12 hours ago
$5 Friday! Georgie Pearl, Monty and Roo (@montgomerytwix) Three Special Needs Road Dogs who would not be here if it wasn’t for YOU! Please help us to keep growing so that we can keep helping incredible dogs in need. PayPal link in bio. Or Venmo @roadogs Thank you for caring ❤️ #roadogsandrescue
3725 | 46 | 15 hours ago
Senior girl Peachie Queen has made herself at home with her foster ❤️ If you are in Southern CA or neighboring state, we still need fosters!! Email
2670 | 21 | 21 hours ago
Rosebud feelin’ sleepy ❤️🌸
4804 | 83 | 1 day ago
Foster/Adopter Needed for Wonderful Waku! This special little guy is a true survivor. He had half his face hacked off by a drunken man with a machete in a rural part of the Philippines. Thankfully he was taken to @pawsphilippines in Manila who saved his life. That was 3 years ago. Sadly, nobody has wanted to adopt him. But that is about to change! Road Dogs is working with PAWS to bring him to the US because we know there is an amazing home waiting for him here. Please spread the word! If interested if fostering or adopting, please DM for an application. He can be flown to East or West Coast. ❤️❤️
7410 | 428 | 1 day ago
RIP Francis Bean Thank you for all the name suggestions. Sadly, our tiny girl did not make it. It really sucks, but this is rescue involving Special Needs puppies. They are so fragile. One minute your heart is full of hope and the next thing, it’s broken. Thank you to everyone who follows Road Dogs and comes on this journey with us. I know it can be sad sometimes. But the goal is to not give up and do it all over again when another needs help. Huge gratitude again to @ninjabulldog for rushing to pick her up, and @thelabellefoundation for fostering and loving her ❤️💔
7735 | 523 | 1 day ago
Name suggestions needed for our latest little cleftie girl. Just 3 days old. Huge thank you to @ninjabulldog for picking her up and @thelabellefoundation for fostering! This girl is fragile and at the vet with some pretty severe diarrhea right now so send her some love and healing ❤️🌸
9948 | 664 | 2 days ago
Huxley at his happy joy best 😂🤘#roadogsandrescue
2262 | 16 | 2 days ago
Daffodil enjoying some teepee livin’ 🌼 Foster Homes Needed! You don’t have to supply a ⛺️, just love! ❤️ Please email if you’d like to help. #roadogsandrescue
3447 | 16 | 2 days ago
I think you all know who this is! Earl Grey is growing up 🤘❤️❤️ #roadogsandrescue
5748 | 80 | 3 days ago
Rosebud Noelle wants you to know it’s all about her! This little cleftie is about five weeks-old now and has found her voice 🔊 Big thank you to @thelabellefoundation for saying Yes to fostering and tube feeding her, and to @chilberg for fostering her now. Special Needs puppies can only come to rescue because of special people willing to foster ❤️🌸 #roadogsandrescue #demandingdivapup
8098 | 325 | 3 days ago
URGENT! Volunteers Needed to pick up dogs from LAX. Tomorrow - Wed Jan 17th and Fri 19th! Please PM if you can help!
2602 | 35 | 3 days ago
Sportsman Wonk-E loves his Dual Layer Ring ❤️ Road Dogs is open to working with sponsors that we genuinely like so we teamed up with @playologypets who’ve created cool, durable toys that have scent (chicken, bacon or beef) embedded in the actual material! That way they smell great to dogs and engage them longer, but don’t stink up your place 🤘 Check them out @playologypets #playologypets #brazil #football
1866 | 7 | 3 days ago
Former Road Dog, and sweet senior @hagridtheboy needs our love and healing thoughts right now as he has a couple of masses and just had his spleen removed. Wishing him a speedy recovery so he can continue to melt hearts everywhere ❤️❤️
4712 | 128 | 4 days ago
Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our $5 Friday raffle. We raised over $3k! Not only did it help Daffodil with her emergency surgery but we were able to say Yes to these two surrenders in S.Korea. It is crazy that these incredible dogs wind up unwanted and in danger of death but they do. They are due to arrive at LAX Jan 19th. Fosters and Airport pick up Needed! Please email if interested in helping! And Congratulations to @b.arthur_the_frenchbulldog for winning the custom pet portrait by ❤️🤘
3067 | 23 | 4 days ago
OMG. Georgie Pearl is too much ❤️🌸 #roadogsandrescue Thanks again to @heartandcrownreiki for fostering this little #hydrocephalus warrior
7821 | 124 | 4 days ago
URGENT! Fosters Needed! Peachie Queen, Elsa, Mr Moss and want out of boarding! They need to be in home environments. All are sweet. Please consider fostering, even if just for a couple of weeks. Email if interested in helping ❤️
3470 | 37 | 4 days ago
Diaper Duo - Hufflepuffin and former Road Dog, Jasper ❤️ @miss_ella_sir_duke_jasper
3919 | 47 | 5 days ago
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