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Est. in 2015. We’re committed to saving dogs from abuse, neglect, puppy mills & from kill shelters, provide vetting & loving homes.


‪We never say No to saving a life. Every animal’s life matters.❤️ Be their voice! #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #voiceforthevoiceless #animalrights #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
652 | 29 | 42 minutes ago
911 HAPPENING NOW, 5 month old puppy, Oliver, found in a blanket in a cemetery being rushed to our vet for emergency medical care!!! He has a high fever, is lethargic & can’t stand or walk. He just arrived at our vet & at this time, we have no idea what happened to him. PLEASE DONATE & HELP!!! Ways to Donate: Venmo: rdrnyc PayPal: Website: Mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC PO Box 101 Gracie Station New York, NY 10028 #OliverRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
1228 | 46 | 48 minutes ago
Little adoptable Oreo checking in to say he loves car rides. He goes everywhere. He’s eating like a champ now and has gained a pound. He’s a whopping 7.6lbs now 🤣🤣 He makes little gremlin noises when he eats and cooing sounds when you pet him. He is healing well from his broken leg and is expected to make a full recovery. Oreo is 9 months old, house trained and pad trained and in 3 more weeks will be getting neutered. Apply to adopt at: #OreoRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
2369 | 38 | 20 hours ago
🚨URGENT HELP NEEDED🚨 Some of the photos in the pleas we receive will haunt us forever. These are one of those photos. HOW IS THIS DOG ALIVE??!!!! How??? There is nothing to him, a walking skeleton. No fur, horrific condition & standing there looking at us as if to say “I want to live, will you help me?” 😥💔🙏 The feelings & emotion these photos evoke is intense, anger, sadness, heartbreak, despair, helplessness.....all we can do now is try to give him his life back. We can’t change the horrors he’s already survived, but we can try to make him whole again & give him a great future, if he survives. Please keep this poor dog in your thoughts and prayers & help by sharing & donating to his extensive medical needs. We have named him ELLIOTT. Elliott came to us by way of a SC shelter. We have no information on an “owner”. He just arrived at our vet. To help us save Elliott donate through: PayPal: Website: Mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC PO Box 101 Gracie Station New York, NY 10028 #ElliottRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
3539 | 356 | 23 hours ago
Say hi to Miles who’s a 35 pound 9 year old sprightly beagle mix who loves people, cats, and other dogs. He would love to be your cuddle and play buddy! We saved Miles from the ACC with a broken leg, Miles has with stood two surgeries with unending smiles and tail wags. He loves to be greeted by kids on his walks, is gentle and patient with his foster home's kitten, and enjoys snuggling with a fellow nine year old beagle. He is adored by all. We would love to find him a home with room to sniff everything. He loves to fall asleep in the funniest positions and will keep you laughing. He will make a wonderful family or single person pet!! Apply to adopt Miles at #MilesRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
1570 | 20 | 1 day ago
UPDATE ON PENNY: Penny had surgery today to remove her eye, sadly it was to damaged to save. We are so angry, Penny did not have to endure such pain, if only she was well taken care of and not neglected like this!!! Poor Penny. She needs our prayers. Penny is 14 lbs and 2 years old. We can’t wait until she’s feeling better and we can’t wait to find her an amazing forever home. If you can help with Penny’s eye surgery, donate through #PennyRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
3864 | 199 | 1 day ago
***UPDATE: Sweet Pilgrim is here!! Yay we are so happy he’s safe & out of the Shelter. His foster says he is so sweet & gentle & very puppyish.He’s got some bumps on his neck/throat so is heading to the vet today.*** Pilgrim is in HORRIFIC condition, the kind of heartbreaking abuse & neglect that does not happen overnight, this takes months!!! And sadly, this petite 32 pound pup is only about 12 months old. His pain & suffering break our hearts. We got a plea from a rural VA shelter from a volunteer begging for help with sweet Pilgrim & we could not turn our backs or let this poor baby be euthanized. He loves people & dogs! Will you help us help him??? 🙏🙏🙏 Ways to Donate: PayPal: Website: Or Mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC PO Box 101 Gracie Station New York, NY 10028 Pilgrim deserves a better life & proper medical care & he will now get both! #PilgrimRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
2684 | 118 | 1 day ago
Momma Jess plus her 4 newborn babies are safe and sound and out of the shelter. It was a rocky start for Jess who had the unfortunate experience of giving birth, sadly in a crowded scary high kill shelter infested with disease. When we agreed to save Jess we had no idea she was pregnant and ready to give birth. We had to work quickly, find a foster home and make arrangements to move her immediately from South Texas to Dallas. We worked in the middle of the night into the morning hours to make this happen and we were able to pull it off. Jess is now safe and sound in her loving foster home with her 4 new born babies. Right now everyone seems good and Jess is settling down from a state of pure fear and panic of giving birth in a shelter to now, knowing she’s safe. Any donations towards this families care is greatly appreciated❤️ Please donate to help Jess & her pups at #JessRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
2955 | 47 | 1 day ago
Meet Boris, he’s a 2 year old rottweiler. He is up to date on shots and has been nuetered. Boris is great with all people and loves to meet new dogs. He is not a fan of cats. When we first brought Boris into rescue he had a severely embedded rope and possible collar. He has recovered, and is ready for his forever home. His foster mom says this about Boris: "The most amazing thing about Boris is that after all he has suffered, he still has so much love left to give. Boris is a super sweet, high energy, goofy little love bug! He is great on walks and is learning his manners very quickly. Enjoys meeting other dogs and getting pets and snuggles from new friends. Boris enjoys spending time outside, so a home with a backyard or close to a park would be perfect for him. He never misses an opportunity to jump in your lap and give you a big smooch." If you would like to adopt Boris, apply at #BorisRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity #rottweiler
1790 | 22 | 2 days ago
EMERGENCY: Barb Wire fence stuck in dogs eye and then dumped at a high kill shelter, bleeding and critical. This is Penny’s REALITY! RIGHT NOW!! Complete despair, severe pain and agony with a piece of sharp steel sticking into her eye. Penny is critical and we are hoping we can save her eye. We have rescued Penny to SAFETY! Please HELP PENNY! SHE NEEDS SURGERY AND MEDICAL TREATMENT. Donate through Venmo: RDRNYC or or PayPal: #PennyRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #dog #foster #newyorkcity
3201 | 453 | 2 days ago
Beautiful Simone FINALLY left the vet yesterday, 2 months later, and went to an awesome foster home! She’s down to twice a week for laser therapy, so no longer needs to live at the vet! You would never know Simone was so horribly abused (doused with acid) as she holds no grudges and loves everyone! She is a very happy girl! Go to to apply to adopt! #SimoneRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #adopt #dog #adoptdontshop #rescue #nyc
2198 | 32 | 3 days ago
Shelby is a 2 year old female pit bull terrier mix. She was brought into rescue with coccidia and burns down her back. She is currently recovering and living the good life in CT with her wonderful foster family. Shelby is good with other dogs and people. Shelby is a sweet, loving girl and will be up to date on shots and spayed prior to placement in her forever home. If you would like to adopt Shelby apply at #ShelbyRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love #pitbull #cute #dog #foster #newyorkcity
2245 | 26 | 3 days ago
****Update: Both continue to recover at our San Antonio Vet Partner and both will be making the trip to NY. Barney is pretty much adopted and Raphael is searching for his forever home. He’s a lab mix and 10 months old. Apply to foster and or adopt Raphael at Loves other dogs and kids.**** This photo is a sad reality of the cold, harsh truth of how our homeless dogs feel when abandoned at a shelter. These two dogs are in complete despair.. hopeless, depressed & scared to death, praying that they will not die. They are taking comfort in one another & it’s heartbreaking. We took one look at this photo and couldn’t look away without taking action to help these 2 dogs. They were set to be euthanized at a crowded shelter in south TX. THANKFULLY we were able to pull them to safety & they both need extensive medical treatment. They have been transported to our San Antonio Vet Partner for life saving medical care. We have named the basset hound Barney & the shep Raphael. Barney is 2 years old & Raphael is 10 months. (Please swipe for more pictures) They are not bonded but love the company of other dogs. We are grateful to have been able to save them and we have you our loyal supporters to thank. Without your continued support we would not have been able to help these 2 very deserving dogs. Will you help? Every $$$$ counts! #BarneyRDRNYC #RaphaelRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #adopt #dog #rescue #adoptdontshop #nyc
3603 | 118 | 4 days ago
UPDATE ON KANE: He’s Alive And Doing well! Kane might not Look very good and yes he’s got a long road to a full recovery but he’s going to make it! 24 Hour Emergency Around The Clock Care, 2 blood transfusions, 24 hour continuous IV of fluids, heavy pain meds and medicated baths and multiple medication have saved Kane’s life. He still needs continued medical care so please help. Any amount helps Kane🙏 Ways to Donate: PayPal: Website: or by mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC PO Box 101 Gracie Station New York, NY 10028 #KaneRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love
2933 | 81 | 4 days ago
Beautiful Queenie ❤️ Her intake photos were some of the most horrific photos we had ever seen. She is truly a MIRACLE SURVIVOR!! Queenie is almost a year and a half old & was found barley alive in Texas. She is a husky shep mix female who suffered through the unbelievable & almost lost her life. Queenie lives with other dogs in her foster home and does very well, although her play stay can be a little rambunctious with them at times. She would benefit with having a yard to play in as she likes to run & sometimes loud noises scare her. This beauty is crate trained & enjoys spending time in a crate. She really is a love bug who has been through hell at such an early age. She has an amazing spirit! We would love to find a perfect home for Queenie!!! If you would like to adopt Queenie, please put your application in here: #QueenieRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #adopt #rescue #dog #adoptdontshop
2852 | 103 | 5 days ago
Sophia update: She’s already looking SO much better in just 2 days at our TX vet!!! She’s much less red & raw now that she’s getting much needed medical care! Sophia has been neglected & has bad mange. No more pain & suffering Sophia! Will you help?? We cannot take these dogs without your help! Ways to Donate: Website: or by mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC PO Box 101 Gracie Station New York, NY 10028 #SophiaRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #dogsofnyc #love
4627 | 170 | 5 days ago
We just saved Shae from the city shelter!! She’s been with a badly broken tibia and fibia from being hit by a car. To make matters worse, Shae has severe kennel cough to complicate her medical condition. All we can say is Shae will now have a chance at a new life after she receives proper and much needed surgery and medical care. We hope you will support Shae by donating to her expensive surgery and care. Without our commitment today, to SAVE Shae’s life she would have been euthanized. She deserves to live not die because she needs expensive surgery to repair her broken leg. Every $$$ helps So please donate at or PayPal: or by mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC PO Box 101 Gracie Station New York, NY 10028 #ShaeRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #nycdogs #dog #ny #weeklyfluff #dogsofnyc #foster #love
2572 | 36 | 6 days ago
Another neglected baby that didn’t matter enough to care for or take to a vet. Just dump at a kill Shelter, who cares right?! Who cares if he’s in pain or suffering, can’t make any $ off him looking like this!!! So dump they did, without a second thought. Luckily the Shelter reached out & 3 month old Wilbur gets a second chance at life! He’s walking out the front door today & heading right to our GA vet! In a few weeks, he’ll look amazing, feel great & be heading to the life he deserves, a life filled with love & compassion. Welcome home Wilbur, welcome home! If you can help with Wilbur’s medical, please do! Donate at or PayPal: or by mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC PO Box 101 Gracie Station New York, NY 10028 #WilburRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #puppy #rescue #adopt #nyc #dogsofinstagram #donate #nycdogs #dog #ny #weeklyfluff #dogsofnyc #foster #love
3553 | 144 | 6 days ago
Beautiful Mia, please share her post. She has been in foster for 8 months and it is her time to shine! Mia is 2 years old & about 40 pounds of petite, loving girl! She is great with people & with a proper introduction she is good with other dogs of all sizes! Mia's foster says that she is great on leash, loves getting a bath & will sit on command. She also says that Mia loves to cuddle right up against you on the sofa & give you kisses! Mia is up to date on shots & has been spayed & micro-chipped. She listens well & will come to you when you call her by name. Her foster mom says this: "Beautiful Mia is still looking for her forever home! She’s been with us for 8 months and we want her to find the family she’s been waiting for! She’s about 2.5 years old & 40lb of sweetheart. She needs someone who will not let her be the boss, but will let her give unlimited kisses. She’s been doing really well with our dog & has lived with dogs in a previous foster, so even though she gets anxious meeting new dogs I’m confident that with the proper intro she would do well with any dog." If you would like to adopt sweet Mia, please put your application in here: #MiaRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #adoptdontshop #rescue #dog #adopt
1987 | 25 | 6 days ago
Update on Sandy: Sandy remains in the same Emergency Hospital as Kane. Both dogs are fighting for their lives at this time. Sandy is still critical since we rescued her a few days ago. She remains on a 24 hour IV & was just yesterday taken out of the Oxygen tank. She is now breathing on her own, which is a huge improvement. Her bill is well over $5000 and climbing. Please help as our funds dwindle! Go to or PayPal: #SandyRDRNYC #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #adopt #dog #rescue #adoptdontshop #nyc
1926 | 78 | 1 week ago
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