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Sempurr 😼 the Shameless
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& Meaux ~ Purrince in training!
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Meaux & Sempurr L❤️VE their new 33.5” Frisco vertical scratch post/tower! They are really attracted to the texture of the woven sisel and the fact that the scratcher is tall enough to climb/stretch out on. Meaux & Sempurr like to sit on top & use it as a perch too. They will use the post anywhere, including on top of the dining room table while I’m cleaning so they can do quality control 😼 #missedaspot ▶️ flip to see more! Our friends @chewy sent us this scratch post to try free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion❤️ #ChewyInfluencer
269 | 30 | 1 day ago
Tiki Cat After Dark is a pretty tasty snack! If your cat enjoys 🐔 chicken & especially chicken broth/juice, then your kitty will enjoy this food! Each of the 6 flavors contain chicken & another meat packed in chicken broth - No Grains or fillers ❤️🤘😋 The 6 flavors are: chicken & pork; chicken & beef; chicken & lamb; chicken, liver, gizzards, & heart; chicken & quail egg; and chicken & duck! The reason why I call it a snack is because there is about as much meat as there is broth in these 3oz cans so it makes a good snack size❤️ We were given this product to try by out friends @chewy in exchange for our honest opinion. #ChewyInfluencer
190 | 17 | 3 days ago
#CaturdayNightDerpOff 😜 I’m double derpin’ on the 🚂 train behind conductor Mimo, who lets me sit with the adults! Now that I’ve become a purrro at the #derp I don’t sit with the kittens anymore. #MiniMightyMeaux is #MovinOnUp !
514 | 47 | 4 days ago
The Most Interesting Kitten in the World: I don’t always run around the house in the middle of the night ... But when I do, I knock loads of shit over!😈👊😹
2281 | 97 | 6 days ago
#CaturdayNightDerpOff ✊️ #MiniMightyMeaux is headed to #Fernthirdbirthdaypawty in his Super Cape! Ton ta ta TON!✊️ It might take till morning to fly to Siberia though .. He’s wondering if he can hitch a ride with someone?! ~Thx for the derpvite @mojifold ❤️ ... I purromise I did not crop dust you😉😆💨
399 | 41 | 1 week ago
When you think you hear a 🐀 mouse under the bed!👀😲 WhatWazZat?!?!?#MiniMightyMeaux ~Happy 🍟Day & have a fun weekend my furriends!
942 | 58 | 1 week ago
#throwbackthursday To 8 weeks ago when I was a 1.5 lb twerp ... Now I’m a 3.5 lb twerp❤️😹 #MiniMightyMeaux
490 | 42 | 1 week ago
#smuglife #BossBaby #BengalMeowfia Don’t think you’re foolin’ anypawdy ... I know you are not out of treats😼
685 | 49 | 2 weeks ago
Ton ta ta TON! Nevar Fear, Derpin' Mini Mighty Meaux is here to get this #CaturdayNightDerpOff started!✊️ #3rdAnnualDarwinAwards #derp #derptastic_meows #caturday #catswiththeirtonguesout
628 | 73 | 2 weeks ago
#FridayNightBoxPawty 📦 Will somepawdy join me? 😼 #MiniMightyMeaux
424 | 65 | 2 weeks ago
#KittySnugFest2017 🐾 Happy Sunday SnugDay❤️🤘 Purrlease Rub my belleh!❤️ Purrhaps @bengalhellions & @rajathebengal would like to join in! Thanks for the invite @chacha_and_chico
453 | 67 | 3 weeks ago
I thought I was getting 🐔chicken for meowdeling this book!🤔 #Whereisthechicken ?? 📚 Huumom has enjoyed reading "Chicken Soup for the Soul, I can't believe my cat did that!" while waiting for lil huumon during her activities. This book has funny & heartwarming stories about how cats outsmart their humans, how cats care for other animals & have their own pets, how they act like people or like dogs😂, and about their amazing intuition and empathy. It was a good read to pass the time❤️ *We were sent this book by our friends @chewy free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion! #ChewyInfluencer
361 | 34 | 3 weeks ago
Maa is loving the Tidy Cats litter deoderizer our friends @chewy sent us to try. I don't cover my 💩 so she likes to sprinkle this stuff afterwards. I'm purroud to have her trained already! 😼She says she has never tried this stuff before and actually likes it better than other brands that are more powdery and can leave a dust. Tidy Cats litter deodorizer is a heavier consistency than most so it sinks into the litter so maa thinks it does a better job of getting to the odor. #ChewyInfluencer Flip ➡️ to see meows derp face, maa thinks I am a camera ham & a clown! 🤡 😹 *We were given this product free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion!
270 | 36 | 3 weeks ago
I've got sumthin for you Monday😈 It's called needle sharp kitten #claws
436 | 39 | 1 month ago
Srsly, purrlease stay in the bathroom to put your clothes on after you shower huudad! #CaturdayNightDerpOff 😼#Ermahgerd 😮 #NotaNudistColony
563 | 49 | 1 month ago
My office assistant thinks I should be comfortable with the hunt & peck technique 💻 so that he may have a human hammock to nap on!😽 #LovethisLittleDude #napsohard #minimightymeaux
423 | 42 | 1 month ago
Is this Monday? 😈 Ground squirrel #sneakattack ! Never fear, #minimightymeaux is here! ~ *Huumom has been busy with family & friends effected by Harvey & Irma. All are well all things considered. Will try to catch up with everybody soon❤️
317 | 17 | 1 month ago
❤️👋❤️ Go on, I know you wanna rub dis belleh! #MiniMightyMeaux #cutenessoverload
588 | 42 | 1 month ago
Now listen here boy - I said pay attention son! ... #BrotherlyLove #smackdown 👋 Sempurr & Meaux enjoy play slapping each other. Meaux also loves to stalk his brofur😈
321 | 36 | 1 month ago
It warms my heart that Meaux is a lap cat!❤️🤘 ... For 15 yrs Kona was my lap buddy, my best bud ... Rest in Peace 🙏 #myfirstbaby
760 | 49 | 1 month ago
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