Boss the Lab x Am Bulldog and Indy the exempt Pit Bull type living in the UK 🇬🇧
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A dog bit Indy today and Boss wasn't having any of it, he jumped straight into it and pinned the dog to the floor. Not sure if Boss bit the dog (I know he was certainly trying) but if he did I'm not mad because the other dog started it and Boss was just acting on instincts to defend a pack member, I did get bit on the leg by the other dog but its only minor. The other owner wasnt mad either so all in all not a big ordeal
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It was a hump fest for some reason last night, they both seemed to enjoy it
907 | 30 | 4 days ago
We're back!!! I took a break because I was really stressed and was just trying to focus on doing things that make me happy, unfortunately broke up with the girl i was seeing so still super bummed but i know y'all will lift my spirits! How was everyone?
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Im taking a break from Instagram.
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My dad made an instagram for his rescued tripawd rosie!!!! Please go follow @rosietripawd and show some love with comments and likes!!😇😇
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One of my favorites that I've uploaded since I made this account 💞
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It breaks my heart that so many people and animals have to go through this #Repost @nevillejacobs (@get_repost) ・・・ Take 5 minutes and give what you can to help the folks helping animals in Texas. @humanesociety ❤️ link in bio.
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#Repost @spiffypits (@get_repost) ・・・ From the storm-- there are many ways to help the humans, but if you also feel led to help their companions or rescue animals who have been displaced, please make a donation to: @austinpetsalive @spcatexas @dallasdogrrr or @corridorrescue (photos courtesy of those on the scene)
3106 | 38 | 1 month ago
My dad got a new dog!! Sad that I can't meet her because I'm now 150 miles away but shes so cute 💞 according to his caption on Instagram Rosie might be getting her own account 👀
6690 | 154 | 1 month ago
#Repost @borninnocentdda (@get_repost) ・・・ Meet Daisy. Daisy is a family pet. Loves her walks. Lives with children and is a lovely natured #dog Another dog torn away from her family and seized under #breedspecificlegislation Our colleagues are advising the owner and providing financial help. We will bring you updates as soon as we have them. Daisy has a Facebook group - Justice for Daisy which will show all invoices and payments made. She needs an independent assessment to prove to the courts that she is not type. This alone will cost £2067 and then there will be legal fees. If you would like to help Daisy and her family, you can do so by donating to and mark payment for Daisy (paypal) We will continue to highlight the cruelty, faced by so many who's #dogs are seized and taken under this cruel and backward #law - not only do they face emotional distress but financial hardship.
2243 | 26 | 1 month ago
Doggos like fresh blackberries
3276 | 58 | 1 month ago
Just call me landscaper matt 😎 i reckon within 2 weeks itll be clear enough for the doggos to play on. Hopefully once everything is clear I can even start to make it look pretty, will give me something to do 🙃 Go back to the other video and see what it was like!
1360 | 29 | 2 months ago
Seriously considering hiring a dog trainer, there are just some behaviours I can't stop with Boss 🤔 This is what he does when I try and get him inside but he wants to stay out, not aggressive but definitely out of control and will lunge and nip at my hands if I walk towards him. He also still has an issue with being loud when people enter the house and when I mean loud I mean LOUD. I stopped him being food aggressive towards people but can't stop this, I don't know what to do :(
3797 | 161 | 2 months ago
I will be tackling the jungle today 💪
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Please zoom in to read the full article or go to the link in my bio! #Repost @borninnocentdda ・・・ On the week of the 26th anniversary of The #dangerousdogsact in the UK, The Times (one of Britain’s most respected newspapers) features an article today highlighting research carried out by #borninnocent Born Innocent’s research of ONS Data (Office of National Statistics) is featured alongside quotes from our board member, Shaila Bux and the @official_rspca Shaila Bux says, “…We are at a crossroads with the Dangerous Dogs Act in its current format; politicians must be brave enough to admit that the act has failed.” And goes onto say that we need to “…implement laws that will reduce dog bites whilst not punishing dogs based on how they look.” We are delighted that our analysis and findings is helping highlight the unfairness of this Act. We will keep conducting and producing research to emphasise how unfair this law is. You can read the full article on the link below or visit our Facebook page to access the entire article.
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Good waiting doggo
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Drawing with doggos
2364 | 37 | 2 months ago
Thank you for 100,000 followers! That's an insane amount of people! This Instagram is one of the best things that's ever happened to us, not only do I have tons of pictures of my dogs throughout their life which is why i originally started this Instagram but we have helped others by using our platform to spread awareness about others and raise money for them! Not only that but you have saved the dogs and I from becoming HOMELESS. The power of social media is amazing and I can't wait to see what comes next. Thank you everyone the piggys and I love you very much 💘
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