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History was made last night. @afrorepublik at @theo2london. @wizkidayo has promised us #AfroRepublik 2019. Watch this space!
I don’t ever use this word at all but @ibizarocks on 2/3 July is going l to be very lit! 💥🔥 #MerkyFestival2018
It’s crazy to think that a conversation that @sophie_k_a and I had 7yrs and 2 months ago that went along the lines of “how hard can it be to put on a decent live music event” would end up with us launching @MusicalizeUK 7 years ago today 😳. The last 7 years have been some of the craziest, stressful and exciting times (often all at once). Turning a hobby into a business is no easy task and I’d be lying if I said over the years I hadn’t had moments where I just wanted to pack it all in and in recent times become a stay at home Dad. But there’s just something about live music and events that has a special place in my heart and nothing beats that feeling of watching an artist come out on stage and connect with their fans / audience. So much has changed in the live music scene since we started out and I think the biggest challenge we now face is to adapt to those changes and make really smart decisions but we’re ready and very excited for what the future of this company looks like. We’ll still be doing lots of concerts but we’ll also be doing lots of other bespoke events too under a new event management arm of the business. We’re open for partnerships and collaborations so if there’s anything you think we can work on together please get in touch. All that’s left for me to say is a HUGE thank you to all the artists, DJ’s, managers, agents, venues and all their staff , ticket companies, our incredible team for working with us to put on some incredible shows and most importantly to the fans and anyone who has ever bought a ticket for one of our events for being a part of the 1st 7 years of our journey. Here’s to the next 7 and beyond! 🍾🍾🍾 [Swipe right to see some of my fave shows]
Almost 7yrs ago on a random night out in Paris after a @teddysphotos gig I was introduced to @annemarie by @stuartcamp73. He told me she was an incredible singer that was going to be a star one day. (Note to self: Stuart is always right!) Over the years it’s been amazing to watch her grow as an artist putting out solo material, touring the world with @rudimentaluk, the countless collaborations (that’s she’s nailed EVERY SINGLE TIME) and then more recently having the spotlight fully on her as a solo artist. Today her debut album #SpeakYourMind is out and I’m genuinely so proud of her. What I love the most about this is that sometimes artists get sold dreams of overnight success but when you know first hand of an artist that has been grafting and grinding for 7+ years then I think it just reinforces that this music game isn’t easy but with hard work, consistency and of course talent you can achieve incredible things! Also I love that whenever I see her (which isn’t often these days because she’s an international jetsetter now 😂) she’s the same humble and quirky character from that random night out in Paris 7yrs ago. Well done to you and your team on the album and all the success so far and long may it continue AM! ❤️
That #Coachella performance was 🔥🔥🔥 Is Beyoncé the best performer of this generation. Some (not me) are suggesting of all time? Who else in this generation is on her level? Discuss...
The back catalogue speaks for itself and the new stuff we’ve heard is 🔥🔥. Can’t wait to bring this @tpain show to one of my fave UK venues @kokocamden. Tickets on sale Mon 16th April at 10am SIDENOTE: The g that is @whelaninho added some regional flavour to the artwork. Tell me when you spot it 👀
New @therealfaithevans show dates for July. All tickets for the April shows will be valid for these new dates
When I 1st started coming to London for events around 7/8yrs ago I used to religiously go to an event at No.1 Leicester Square called ‘Sunday Show’ (big up @marvynharrison and @napperfitness). There was a comedian called @mothecomedian who used to host the event on certain weeks. He was always hilarious and I always wondered if he’d ever cross over to the mainstream. Tonight I got to witness his headline #CouplaCansTour show and I can honestly say I haven’t laughed so hard in a long long time. To see Mo go from occasional host at No.1 Leicester Square to selling out 20+ headline shows at The Leicester Square Theatre genuinely fills me with so much pride. It’s easy to see him as he is today with the huge social media following, the ridiculous amount of video views, the celebrity co-signs and the brand endorsements but knowing that there’s been years of hard work that has gone into getting to this point only makes the success he’s enjoying sweeter in my eyes. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do the whole photo thing but tonight I had to make an exception and let the big man know how proud I am of him and to thank him for being an inspiration to anyone who has a dream / vision. Long may the success continue brother 💙
#TBT Documenting ‘From London to Austin’ as part of our @musicalizeuk x @sxsw shows w/ @joladeo. BTS 📸 by @ubuntugraphy
Decided this morning that I couldn’t be bothered to drive to @altontowers hotel with the fam and @starrluxcars had us sorted within an hour! 🙌🏾
Looking forward to heading down and being on the learning side of this event tonight. S/o to @velma.simmons and team for pulling this @lifetalksuk together

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