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Servant. Songwriter/Producer. Kobalt Music Group. Credits: Ty Dolla $ign, TGT, Chrisette Michele, Brave Williams, ADI, etc. #dopaminedreamz


Time for another IG break. Whenever I feel like I am seeing too much foolishness on my timeline I unfollow and unplug. Got a lot to focus on in the coming weeks...✌🔌🎯🚀 #dopaminedreamz
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Happy Saturday y'all! I'm about as happy as @badgalriri in this pic because my only plans today are not to have any! Issa great feeling...Don't bother me today lol. Thank you. ✌😴 #dopaminedreamz #Repost @laleakers ・・・ #TBT
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Stop asking why is this happening to me, and write about it. 📝🎯🚀 #dopaminedreamz #Repost @hitmenproduction ・・・ Share with someone! ✍️🎹🎼 #songwriter
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Yesterday...Sometimes you gotta just hit record, not think too much, and piece the song together as you go along and see what happens (shrugs) 📝🎯🚀 #dopaminedreamz #singersongwriter #rapper #producer #kristofermurray #kobaltmusic #ascapurban #ascap #rap #pop #rnb #topliner #philly #nyc #la #atl
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Whether you personally like his music or him as a person, you cannot deny the impact he has had on this city. I've never seen support quite like this for any local musician I can remember...Ever. #dopaminedreamz #meekmill #freemeekmill #philly
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It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable. Never take advantage of that in a person. Some folks go around killing soul after soul, draining all the love out of them and leaving empty carcasses for the next person to breathe life back into. #dopaminedreamz #passion #pain #bravery
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#tbt "America eats its babies" -Tupac Shakur #dopaminedreamz #Repost @_moochie101 ・・・ _Throw🅱Lack 🎥 ▶Muhammad Ali ▪ ummm, about the "Flag".... ~political interpretations are your own... #ThrowBlack #MuhammadAli #VinatgeBlack #moochietimemachine " I found this photo extremely provocative considering the current climate with so called "Black" athletes and the Flag and the anthem. Just sharing, my personal opinions aside, this photo is profound.
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"Keep it 💯, I'd rather you trust me than to love me"...Love: An action verb that's more commonly used as a loose term when everything seems all good between you and a person. Trust: The foundation on which every relationship is built on and normally destroyed by. ❤ #dopaminedreamz #trust #love #risk #vulnerability #Repost @kennedyelle ・・・ ✨
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@adiulmansky at The Piano Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel performing "Bombs Away", available on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music & all streaming sites. Spotify link in my bio. 🎯👆🚀 #dopaminedreamz #adiulmansky #kristofermurray #likeminds #bombsaway #adi #kobaltmusic #ascap #philly #telaviv #usa #israel #pop #spotify #applemusic #tidal #itunes #mtvisrael
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Or DIE slowly. 💯🚀🎯 #dopaminedreamz
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If you only knew my story and what inspires my posts, then you would understand what fuels my passion for life, people, and my unshakable faith in my purpose. I don't look down on or judge what other people believe in, but I know for me: I believe in the teachings of, and the life of love, humility, and service that Jesus Christ of Nazareth led. That is who I model the standard of what a real COMPLETE man is, and who I aspire to be like everyday. If you have everything this world has to offer and your soul ain't right with God, in my eyes you have nothing. 2017 has been my most challenging year ever, but I am BLESSED. And not blessed in the sense that everything has gone my way...much of it hasn't. But blessed in knowing that where ever God is taking me, is much more better than I could ever imagine for myself. I wonder what would happen in our lives, if when we prayed, we stopped asking "Why?" and started asking "Where?". Where are you taking me? How can I be used where I'm at and where I'm going? And then I wonder how different our attitude and perspective on our lives would be if we decided we were100% okay with that? Think about it... #dopaminedreamz #jesusisrealtome #letgo #letgod #thepurposedrivenlife #faith #grateful #blessed 🎯🏆🚀 #Repost @jai_nice ・・・ Had about 13 mental breakdowns this week and I’m still standing and standing taller than ever. I did everything but fold. Constantly Giving thanks and praises to the most high.
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#Repost @artcube #dopaminedreamz ・・・ #artcubeloves this work from 'The 8 mile wall' series by #FabriceMonteiro @tekitizi7 #artcube
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Shine anyway...F%@K IT! 🚀🏆🎯💫 #dopaminedreamz #noweaponformedagainstmeshallprosper #allthingsworktogetherforgood
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#Repost @afropunk #dopaminedreamz #art ・・・ Last week, AFROPUNK had the chance to touch base with surrealist photographer @DavidUzochukwu about his work and upcoming showing at Also Known As Africa in Paris, Nov. 10-12. With no formal training, Uzochukwu’s eye and imagination seem to create images free of conventional norms and boundaries, with an emphasis on vulnerability and wonder. More on ! || Title - WILDFIRE, 2015
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Mood: Only God Can Judge Me. #tbt #dopaminedreamz #2pac #realniggasdontdie #webounceback
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Dopamine Dreamz. #tbt #dopaminedreamz #Repost @_moochie101 ・・・ _Throw🅱Lack 📷 ▪Stevie Wonder "Ray Bans" #ThrowBlack #StevieWonder #VinatgeBlack #moochieTimeMachine
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To be young, gifted and Black To dream bigger than where you're at To be poor but still explore Every inch that's on your path To be young, gifted and Black To be hated because of that To be bold enough to shine And let the world see all your cracks To be hungry and still inspired To have thirst but still have fire To reach way way down Inside your well and pull out your desires To influence the whole world These Black little boys and girls To be young, gifted and Black And still know this world ain't yours To still earn the highest dividends And get viewed as low class citizens To be robbed & stripped of all your rights But showered with attention To be young, gifted and Black What a burden for your back To be loved for everything you give And hated for what they lack -Kristofer Murray #dopaminedreamz #donnyhathaway #poetry #poet #blackpoets Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Figuring it out...#dopaminedreamz 🎯 #kobaltmusic #ascap #ascapurban #singersongwriter #rapper #producer #rap #pop #rnb #kristofermurray #topliner #lyricist #blackeyedpeas
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EVERYDAY. 🚀 #dopaminedreamz #Repost @2fly2care_com
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There are some days you aren't your best. There are some days you are good. There are some days you are great. Then there are days when everything you shoot at the net goes in and the basket seems about as wide as the ocean...Today was one of those days. Thank God 🙏 #dopaminedreamz 🎯🏆🚀 (Excuse the volume. I sing obnoxiously loud to get my ideas out lol) #singer #songwriter #singersongwriter #producer #rapper #topliner #kobaltmusic #ascap #ascapurban #rnb #pop #rap
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