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🌻 Sé que he subido recetas bizarras pero esta se supera 😬😂 hace unas semanas les pregunté si querían la receta y me dijeron que si! Así que puse manos a la obra y la recreé 🤗 🍳HUEVO VEGANO🍳 (Ningún amimalito fue explotado para la realización de esta receta 🐥❤️) Para la "clara" 🐣 150 g de tofu @tienda.saludable 🐣 150 ml de leche vegetal 🐣 2 cuch de levadura nutricional 🐣 1 cuch aceite de oliva 🐣 1 cdita sal negra 🐣 2 cditas de agar agar (Se consigue en @tienda.saludable!) 🐣 2 paltas (vamos a usar la cáscara, no la pulpa) 👉🏼 Procesar todos los ingredientes (menos la palta) Llevar a fuego medio revolviendo constantemente durante 5 minutos 👉🏼 Cortamos las paltas a la mitad, le sacamos la pulpa y ponemos nuestras "claras". Dejamos solidificar Para la "yema" 🐣 3/4 cdita de cucurcuma 🐣 25 g de tofu 🐣 1 cdita polenta (No tenía, usé harina de garbanzos y quedó genial!) 🐣 1/4 taza de agua 🐣 1 cda aceite 🐣 1/2 cda sal 🐣1 cda de levadura nutricional 👉🏼 Procesar los ingredientes y cocinar a fuego medio durante cinco minutos. 👉🏼 Desmoldar las "claras" hacer un hueco en el centro y rellenar con la mezcla que acabamos de hacer! La verdad no le tenía nada de fé pero esta muy rico! Básicamente es tofu con forma de huevo cAlM DoWN ✋🏻😂 ¿Qué otras recetas les gustaría que haga? Los leo!

proof that you can still eat healthy at a resort buffet💃🏻 I usually haaaate buffets but the one in our resort isn't horrible, plus, it's free breakfast😏 • So, every morning I fill up my plate with ALL the greens (I've got romaine, spinach, tomato, zucchini, + onions) then I pick the protein- I make an omelette with more veggies (ask for it to be cooked in olive oil) then I add on bacon for more protein, a little pineapple for digestion, and a dollop of peanut butter for good measure🍳🥓 • I always do my research before vacationing to make sure places can be accommodating and I always bring my own: sea salt, coconut oil, coconut milk, + digestive enzymes! This breakfast keeps me full until a midday snack before we go out for din din. I don't feel deprived and I don't get bloated from inflammatory food. No one likes bloated Melanie🤡 enjoy your night guys! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #getrealwithmel #tiu #realfood #paleo #healthy #fitnessmotivation #style #foodblogger #nutrition #instagood #cleaneating #healthspo #workout #tiuteam #fashion #beauty #ootd #healthyeating #food #fitfam #eeeeeats #glutenfree #dairyfree #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #bloggerstyle #vacation #fitness #travel

The daily micro bowl🤗 freak I love these bowls so much and literally have one almost every single day! 1) because they're super delicious and I craveeee them. 2) super versatile and ya can just throw what ever veggies ya have on hand in there and top it with a runny egg and call it good. 3) you get a LOT of bang for your buck🤑and 4) bc it's good anytime of day!! Today's lunch bowl consisted of sautéed Brussels, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, roasted butternut squash, organic chick peas, spinach, and ghee massaged kale. I then mixed it with a little coconut aminios + spices and topped it off with a runny egg + whites and some @traderjoes kale vegan pesto and nooch! Delicious and oh so nutritious!!😜

Happy Hump Day!🐫 This delicious smoothie never fails to satisfy me after a workout😍 Here's the recipe: 💕6 Frozen Strawberries 💕 1 Banana 💕 1 scoop protein powder 💕 Splash of almond milk 💕 Ice 💕 Add any seeds of choice (chia, flax etc)

Plant based dinner goodness tonight 🙌🏼 quinoa topped with roasted veggies (cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato) and stir fried tempeh, then all topped with sriracha. This was my first time cooking and trying tempeh and I really liked it a lot! Tempeh is an awesome plant based or vegan source of protein and also a good source of probiotics 👌

How do you define your power? Most societies understand power as something built externally. Through building careers, having possessions, owning a house, a car etc… But that isn’t necessarily the case. If a person’s career, home, and possessions were all taken away from them, how would they respond? Would they feel powerful or vulnerable? ~ Power is built within. ~ The internal power system is built based on decisions and choices in life. If a person is presented with a temptation that feeds their personalities needs as opposed to their souls’ needs, their power is weakened. When a person’s soul is stronger than their mind, they have conscious awareness and understand the consequences of their decisions. This leads them to make wiser decisions that serve their soul’s purpose. As a result, their power is strengthened. ~ How do you start building your internal power system? ~ 1. Feeling depleted - Take care of yourself Tune in to see how you are feeling. Does your body need nourishing food? Is it depleted in minerals or vitamins? When I work with my clients, the first thing I check for is their energy. I tune in to see what their energy tells me. If they are malnourished, we correct it. ~ 2. Feeling overwhelmed by life – Release the Weight If you feel overwhelmed, you may be carrying some heavy weight around your shoulders that makes it feel hard to handle the responsibilities and tasks at hand. You may be a ‘dumping ground’ for others to dump their stuff onto. ~ In a session, I look at what is weighing my clients down. This can come from having obligations to carry the weight from others (partner, family members and work colleagues in particular). Then, we do an energetic clearing of obligations. Once the obligations are cleared, the shoulders ease up and feel lighter. A different perspective is developed that enables them to move forward feeling energized. ~ 3. Unable to get a grip of emotions and thoughts – Direct Your Thoughts (read in the comments the next part)

Our monthly Eat Real to Heal workshop in collaboration with @seatoskythrivers "AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS" is happening in 1 week! We've got a some ticket lefts. Come grab them while they're hot. $15, @greenmoustachejuice juice and snack included. . When autoimmune disorders are taking over your life it can be a frustrating, scary time, and traditional treatment often fails to take into account the importance of nutrition in healing. Learn how to activate your body's natural healing pathways and take back control of your health. . #richerhealth #eattobeat #eattoheal #healdisease #health #nutrition #healthylifestyle #family #happy #organic #whistler #whistlerblackcomb #onlyinwhistler #whislife #community #community #event #todo #weekend #goout #familytime #learn #fun #engage #commit #healthspo

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